2016 UC Davis Annual Report and Financial Statement

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The annual financial report sets forth the financial position of UC Davis for the fiscal year 2016.

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Major Ongoing Projects

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Learn more about the major ongoing capital projects on the UC Davis campus in this report, updated August 2016.

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Internship Opportunities

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The Office of the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer has announced recruitment for the inaugural cohort of CFO interns. Learn more


Old Food Science and Technology Buildings Score New Names

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April 20, 2017 - Since the Food Science and Technology department was relocated to the Robert Mondavi Institute in 2009, the old Food Science and Technology (FSTB) and Food Science and Sensory (FSS) buildings remained under-utilized and wrongly named. Located in the heart of campus, these two buildings are being renamed to Sprocket Building and Sprocket Annex respectively.

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New Effort to Harvest Greater Benefits from External Business Partnerships

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April 18, 2017 - When departments each approach a business like Whole Foods for a corporate sponsorship, the outcome is varied and the process cumbersome for companies. Now, the UC Davis Preferred Partnership Program, or UP3, will help leverage both its purchasing power and its marketing assets to create more impactful business partnerships.

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No More Bumps! Road Improvements Make For A Smooth Ride

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April 6, 2017 - Nobody--no bicyclist, motorist, bus rider or pedestrian--likes a pothole. On a campus with 21,000 bikes, 15,000 plus cars and 30 buses on any given day, and a combination of 40 miles of campus roads and paths and over 18,000 parking spaces, having a comprehensive pavement maintenance program is absolutely imperative. However, repairing a road or parking lot takes time and money.

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