Key Initiatives

Financial Health

The Financial Sustainability initiative provides a roadmap to generate $250 million annually in recurring funds at maturity from four key sources – new revenues, cost efficiencies, research growth and fundraising – to invest in faculty, research, academic programs and support.

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Classroom Makeovers

Seven of the campus’ 128 general assignment classrooms – all in Olson Hall – were updated this year floor to ceiling with fresh paint, lighting upgrades, new flooring, updated window coverings, and the latest in audio/video equipment – part of a larger plan to strategically and systematically renovate all 128 general assignment classrooms on campus at least once every 10 years.

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Safety Technology

UC Davis has been leading a five-year effort to deliver an integrated suite of safety and research management tools that provide researchers with a comprehensive way to manage workplace risks, meet requirements and easily manage important recordkeeping data. There are currently 45,000 registered users across all 10 campuses and 5 medical centers.

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Expediting Payments

A new service team was launched to provide intake, data entry, and exception processing of vendor invoices on behalf of supported units. By streamlining processes and utilizing a common billing address for invoices, the team dramatically reduced the average payment time – increasing the capture of early payment discounts offered by vendors.

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Customer Engagement

The Shared Services Center adopted an enhanced client and campus engagement model, including creating mission/vision statements focusing on partnership, launching a new website, opening a satellite office on core campus, hosting its first-ever Open House, and piloting a new client engagement tool. With ongoing quarterly feedback surveys, satisfaction ratings have soared to new heights.

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Capital Investments

The Capital Investment Master Plan will inform and shape the campus’ vision of the University of the 21st Century. In collaboration with Deans, Vice Chancellors and VC-CFO operating units and informed by the report from the Studio, Laboratory and Office Advisory Committee, we are developing a fully informed list of capital projects.

Community Engagement

The Campus Planning team has been collaborating with the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability team to update the UC Davis Long Range Development Plan and its accompanying Environmental Impact Report. The team developed an outreach plan that includes an interactive open house in the Nelson Gallery and a website for sharing planning scenarios and gathering input.

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Environmental Leadership

Check out our progress toward meeting some of higher education’s most aggressive sustainability goals. There’s a good reason we’re considered one of Sierra Club’s “Cool Schools” – with 17 LEED certified buildings on campus, $15.5 million saved from energy efficiency upgrades, and more than 180 courses per year with emphasis on sustainability.

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Visitor Welcoming

The goal of creating a more visitor-friendly campus cuts across every unit to attract people to the heart of campus and celebrate the connection between the campus and the City of Davis. From new pedestrian walkways and bus capacity, to a growing number of motorist assists, to the campus wayfinding system, we are always striving to create a more visitor-welcoming campus.

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